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Catered Chalet – What’s the Food Like?

It’s a valid question and we understand why it’s asked as the importance of your evening meal cannot be overestimated. It’s a time for you to sit back, relax and perhaps regale the table with tales of your day’s deeds of snowy adventure.

diningHowever, we find that the stories are much more enjoyable over a glass or 3 of fine wine and a lovingly home cooked 3 course dinner.

That’s why Alpine Retreat takes time to create menus that, wherever possible, incorporate only locally sourced and zinging-fresh, ingredients from the quality suppliers that surround us in Portes du Soleil and the French Alps.

Our wine is selected from only the best regional suppliers to compliment the cuisine.

From Thai to Tartiflette and Fondue to Fusion we will ensure that all dietary requirements are discussed in advance, met and adhered to. We can guarantee that you won’t be disappointed.

And as we like to provide the ultimate in flexibility, we are also able to cater for you if you have organised your own chalet, or taken one of our self-catered weeks.  Just let us know what nights you want us to come round and how many courses you want and the cooks in your group can take the night off!