A splitboard course might be the answer!

With little snow in the Northern Alps currently a splitboard course might be the answer to those of you looking to get out further afield and ski or snowboard in the fluffy stuff. However, whilst it is still far too early for concern re snow conditions (and there is plenty forecast to come) the prospect of getting into the backcountry has become more appealing to many skiers and snowboarders in recent years.

There are many risks if you don’t know what you are doing and that’s why we would recommend looking at specialist courses  to learn about mountain safety, avalanche awareness and how to use your equipment properly. You also get to see and ski or snowboard areas that you never knew existed too! All professionally guided – its an amazing way to perfect your powder technique and ride snow like you see in the magazines.

The Guardian published an article on splitboarding last week which is worth a read. Among the few operators of these courses is one local to us we were pleased to see. A quick look at their website blog showed us that they were out and getting good snow just a couple of weeks ago. You can read more about that here

Judging by the pictures of their trip we are going to give them a call that’s for sure!

Ski safe everyone.

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